Interested in learning more about our neighborhood architecture and home history? 


The Central Gardens Historic District Resurvey is underway, but the project could still use a few more volunteers to assist with the effort. You can volunteer to be part of this month's Housing-Stock Comparison, or be part of the housing stock comparison AND be part of the actual Surveying

Volunteer Now thru the end of January

Under Judith Johnson's guidance, Housing-Stock Volunteers will be asked to walk (or drive) given streets or blocks and compare the 2006 CGs Neighborhood Survey to what's still standing, if any additions or alterations have been made, and if there have been any tear-downs. These walks will begin as soon as you are available this month, and require your participation for just a few weeks.


Volunteer Now and thru May/June

Survey Volunteers will be asked to be part of the above Housing-Stock Comparison AND:

>Attend periodic Zoom meetings and Zoom classes on architecture

>Purchase A Field Guide to American Houses 


Survey Volunteers can anticipate volunteer participation through May or June of this year.


If interested, please reply to and cc:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]