You can’t find neighborhoods like ours just anywhere. Central Gardens has a long history but feels like home. We have grand houses, but we’re down-to-earth. We have the unmatched beauty of an arboretum in the center of a thriving Southern city.

We’re proud of our neighborhood because there’s not another one like it.

That’s why we’re consistently voted Best Neighborhood in Memphis in Memphis Magazine’s annual poll.

It’s why we have families who’ve been here half a century living next door to brand-new neighbors from other states or parts of town.

It’s why we’re a National Historic District and 1,350 of our residences and churches are listed on the National Historic Register.

In numbers, Central Gardens comprises 83 blocks covering 511 acres. It stretches from Union Avenue to Central and York and from Cleveland Street to Rembert. But our boundaries don’t define us.

We define ourselves through our vision statement: to be the premier historic, residential neighborhood in the Mid-South.

Our mission: to sustain and enhance the quality of our historic neighborhood by preserving its environmental and architectural character and to encourage a sense of community among its residents.

If you want to become a member, find out more here. If you’re already a resident, explore ways to get involved.