43rd Annual Home & Garden Tour

The Central Gardens Home and Garden Tour Committee is pleased to announce plans for this year's event!

The Central Gardens 43rd Annual Home Tour taking place on Sunday, September 8, will feature new, and new again, homes side by side in harmony thanks to the historic and preservation guidelines that the neighborhood works diligently to preserve.

Focused on an easily walkable route of 38104 along Central Avenue between McLean and Willett, three beautifully maintained and updated historic homes are paired with three newly constructed homes. Together, the six homes showcase how living with landmarks can be rewarding for homeowners, designers and developers alike. As an added attraction this year, and "central" to the tour, will be The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. 

To purchase an ad for this year's tour booklet, click here. For more Home Tour information or to volunteer email admin@centralgardens.org.










1625 Central. CGA Home Tour 2019



































































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