Sidewalk Repair and Group Pricing

*The Sidewalk Repair Program is Currently Suspended. We will share updates here.

Sidewalks are a vital asset for Central Gardens and neighbors value the walkability of our community. The city is responsible for curbs, gutters, and corner wheelchair ramps – but homeowners are required to keep sidewalks around their properties in good repair and free of obstacles.

A block-by-block survey in 2017 found 85% of sidewalks in Central Gardens needed some time of repair. Within that group, 40% were found to need immediate repair given the hazard they posed to pedestrians. A property owner can be held legally responsible for injuries that occur from cracked or uneven sidewalks, and some neighbors have already faced this type of litigation.

The Central Gardens Association launched a program in 2018 to help homeowners replace their sidewalks using a licensed concrete contractor. We secure a lower price by conducting approximately 20 repairs at once, distributing some of the expenses like cement delivery.

A CGA member can provide a no-obligation quote to replace damaged sidewalk tiles. All permitting and disposal work is included in the price. You pay the contractor directly when the work is finished.

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How much does it cost?

Our rate is $7.50/square foot of sidewalk, which includes everything from demolition to final city inspection. The standard sidewalk tile is 5’x5’, so plan on 25 square feet or $188 for each tile we replace. To replace the sloped portion from your driveway to the street (called a driveway apron) is $11.50/square foot.

Who will be doing the work?

We partner with Luther Powers of Tyfoon Construction Co. of Collierville (TN #000102979). He has been in business since 1981 and has extensive experience with Midtown sidewalks and driveways.

 Can I also fix my driveway, front steps or walkway?

Absolutely. We can arrange for our contractor to come give an estimate for custom concrete work.

 What happens to the historic granite curb?

Stone curb blocks are the responsibility of the city and are left intact during sidewalk work. Please report any missing or damaged stone via 311. If you do not have a stone curb, the new sidewalk will be “scored” near the edge to give the appearance of a curb.  

 How do I get my street corner fixed?

Street corners and wheelchair ramps are also a city responsibility. The city is under a federal court agreement to replace 1,000 corners a year to make them compliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act. A sidewalk tile adjacent to each side of the ramp is typically replaced as well. Let us know if your corner is in poor condition and we will work with the Mayor’s office to get it on the repair list.

 Can I do repairs myself?

You are welcome to use any company to perform sidewalk repairs, but they will be required to hold a Cement Workers Bond to receive a construction permit. The bond ensures there is money to fix the sidewalk if the work fails to pass inspection. A city list of bonded concrete contractors can be found here. Attempting to make repairs without a permit or bond increases the risk of substandard work and inspectors will likely order all the concrete be removed.

 Where can I see a finished example?

Our contractor’s largest job has been at 267 S. Belvedere Blvd at the corner with Peabody, which included full sidewalk replacements in both directions and a new driveway. You can see the sidewalk looks perfect and is holding up well.



The City of Memphis' guide to sidewalk maintenance and repair

Click here to view the brochure, which provides basic information to help assess whether your sidewalk is in need of any repairs, and to learn how to get started on your repairs--the right way! For example: You can choose any contractor you prefer, but they must be properly bonded for concrete sidewalk work and permitted with the city to ensure proper installation. Click here for a city-approved list of contractors that frequently do work in Central Gardens. 

Foliage and tree limbs projecting over sidewalks are also a deterrent to walkability in the neighborhood. In fact, it is a misdemeaner to permit shrubbery, hedges, or foliage of any kind to project over sidewalks or walkways so as to interfere with the free use of such sidewalks or walkways by pedestrians. All trees upon or near sidewalks or walkways shall be so trimmed that the lower branches thereof are not less than eight (8) feet above the sidewalks. 

You can also call with questions to 311 or the City of Memphis Division of Engineering's Sidewalks Department at (901) 636-2462.